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Softball Rules

Premier Softball Rules

Age Cut Off 

On or Before January 1st of current year.  Player my Play up but are never allowed to play down! 

Managers or Coaches must keep copy's of original birth certificate, failure to produce BC upon demand will result in Player and Coach being removed form the Tournament 


8u on or before Jan 1st 

10u on or before Jan 1st 

12u on or before Jan 1st 

14u on or before Jan 1st 


Rosters will be frozen Friday at 5pm the week of the tournament. All rosters must be Finalized by this time. players not listed on the Tourney Machine website by cut off are deemed ineligible to play.

Roster must contain players First and Last name and jersey number. Name must match whats on the original BC. Failure to comply will result in ejection of player and coach. 


Class A  Most competitive teams 

Class B  Strong teams that compete at a high level but are not competitive against Class A

Class C Lower level teams that are not as strong as Class B 

Bracket Seeding 

  • Record 
  • Head to Head 
  • Runs Allowed
  • Runs Scored 
  • Run Differential 
  • Coin Flip


Physical attack on an umpire, tournament official, associate director, team staff, and/or any player or fan prior, during, or immediately following a game played under the authority of Premier Prospects Sports.

Players, coaches, managers, or sponsors threatening an umpire, tournament official, associate director, or associate officer with physical harm.

 Any player, coach, manager, sponsor, director or officer who engages in physical fighting.

 Using unsportsmanlike conduct or abusive language, symbol tactics, or derogatory or unbecoming acts.

 Destruction of property, abuse or failure to pay.

Competing under an assumed, false and/or altered name.

 Use of any illegal equipment, substance, or falsification of any kind.

 Tournament hosts have the authority to eject a player, fans or team anytime during a tournament of committing any of the above, but not limited to, listed offenses.

 Player or coach ejection carries removal from that game and 1 additional game.

 Coach or manager who is ejected for the second time in a specific tournament is suspended for the rest of the event and subject to further penalties.

 Malicious contact, players must seek to avoid contact.

Playing Rules 

PPS will utilize ASA or USA Softball rule set. 

Time limits during pool play will be 60 min drop dead 

Time limits during bracket play will be 75 min, if tied at the end of regulation the game will continue under California Tie Breaker until winner is determined. 

Mercy Rule 

The game will be stopped after any completed inning once a team has a lead of 20 runs, 15 after 3 innings, 10 after 4 innings and 8 after 5 innings.